Giving Directions? Not me!

What is it about the female mind that finds giving directions so difficult? I am sure there are women out there who face no problems in this field, but I am not one of them! I must say that I can get to the everyday places without a problem. My subconscious mind just takes over and does what it has to do, distractions and all. It is the unfamiliar areas that faze me and at the end of a new route, I have to reach out for a couple of headache pills!

The other day, a guy delivering some goods at work started asking me for directions to the motorway. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to give him the information he wanted. In the end, I had to draw out the route for him and from the look on his face I can imagine what he must have been thinking, “women!”

I face this same scenario at home with the family. They give each other funny looks when I have to drive somewhere alone and my husband will sigh and bring out the Satellite Navigation system just to prove everyone right. I thank heavens for the invention of this device because it has made life so much easier for me especially when driving through inner roads of London. I can reach point A to B without a problem and sometimes I take a wrong turn just to see if the device really works. “At the next roundabout please turn back” prompts the device immediately and I smile to myself. You cannot fool it as very patiently it tries to get you back on the correct route again.

The whole journey becomes a nightmare when my husband uses the SAT Nav for his journeys. It is as if he wants to prove a point and my choice of having a female voice programmed to give directions doesn’t help matters. When she says, “At the next roundabout turn right” in an exasperated voice he will retort, “She is wrong! What does she mean? Turn right, no way!” I just sit and watch this battle and deep breathe to a count of 10.

It is a scientifically proven fact that men are better at reading maps than women, some part of their brain can figure out computers and technical data better than women can. Women generally excel in remembering words, objects, pictures, or everyday events.

Given a destination, both men and women will eventually get there but they will use different landmarks to find their way there. I am not even vaguely suggesting that the fashion shop that you look at as you turn left is one important landmark! As if I would…


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