It is an exciting day for me as “The Lustrous Soul” is released on the Kindle store.

The Lustrous Soul on the Kindle Store

Since a very young age I have questioned life. I could never find concrete answers as to why I had been sent to earth. Then one day I would die and leave everything behind, family, friends and everything else that I had worked so hard to achieve.

It just did not make sense to me.

But as I grew older and the objective perspective of my personality took control, I realised that life is but an exam for both my body and my soul. I would have to look after them both to live my life to its fullest potential. Material things obviously make a person comfortable but the key to happiness lies in simple things that do not cost a penny.

I was on earth to live simply but to live holistically so that my mind, body and soul were in alignment. I would have to interact with different personalities and undergo different scenarios but in a way, that was good both for me and for those involved.

Mistakes I made meant lessons were yet to be learned. Some of these life lessons have been put together in “The Lustrous Soul.”

I hope you enjoy reading it and find something in it that helps you in your life journey.


Shaheen Darr


Nature’s Songs – A Poem


Can you hear the songs of nature?

The whistling wind as it flows between the trees

Making the leaves dance and sway

The splashing of the giant waves against the shore

Urging the sand to join in the play

The sounds of the animals and the birds

Singing as they go along their day

The music of the deep majestic valleys

Echoing notes they hear, as if in replay

The rippling of the clear mountain spring

Like crystals tinkling, sparkling away

The richness of a dark, starry night

Pregnant with promises of a brand new day

Power of the African Wild…


The African sun beating down on my face
Flushed with excitement, my heart thumping with fear
Trips to the national park an adventure, not one to forget
Watching the elephants majestic in their gait
Gentle giants going about their way
Sometimes the golden glimpse of the lions
Hidden amongst the jagged rocks
A sight enough to send shivers down my spine
The beauty of the landscape so deceptive
harshness hidden under every grassy cover
Gazelles with lithe bodies always ready for flight
And buffaloes strong and dark against the afternoon sun
The cynical laughs of the hyenas in their packs 
As if to question the human presence
A memory imprinted upon my mind
The unforgettable power of the African wild


I Must Write…

woman & rose

I must write so my words come alive
And reveal the secrets my soul likes to hide
A poem results if the subject touches my heart
An essay, if the subject is tempting enough

I must write on things that affected me in life
People I watched suffer and those that hurt
My voice is but a tiny particle in the universe
My thoughts though, span the vastness of it all

I must write and give my take on things
maybe somewhere someone will sit up and take note
my words might make a difference, change a life
High hopes, but meanwhile, I continue to write

I want to see you bloom…


I don’t want to see you crushed and wilted 

Fallen to the ground like an autumnal leaf 

That finally gave up the will to live 

And fell to the ground to die 

I want to see you bloom 

Like the flower that found a way 

To stop being known just as a perennial 

And started to live amongst the evergreens…….


Facets of Feminine Wisdom…

woman nature1 

Mother, daughter, sister, wife,

Different roles, different stages

Each role brings with it A new facet of feminine wisdom

Her wisdom she will pass to her children

The seed of knowledge firmly planted

Her backing she will give to her man

“You can do it my darling, I know you can”

From her all human life springs

She holds the key to the world like you, Mother earth

She creates, she nurtures, she endures……


Hushed Whispers…


I have left it all

No point carrying a load

That weighs heavy

And makes my steps stall…

No point remaining still and anchored

Like an abandoned ship

That dreams of riding waves

But befriends rust and mould instead

New horizons beckon

Their shores glisten jewel-like

Call to me in hushed whispers,

I don’t look back, the past, forgotten…..