I was born in Kenya but left my home country to live my married life in Britain. I have a background in business and finance, but writing fiction and poetry interests me the most. Apart from writing, I enjoy reading and walking. “Nature relaxes and grounds me while nurturing my creative side.“

In 2014, the why’s and if’s from the pages of my diary were self-published in two books. “Soul Searching” and “The Spectrum of Life.” In 2015 I completed my first novel Kismet – A Desi Rhapsody in London.  It is a fictional novel based upon the life of Azra, a Pakistani woman who leaves her home to settle in Britain. It is in no way autobiographical but having lived in Britain as an Asian woman it was not difficult to get into Azra’s skin and see life through her eyes.

I have just published my fourth book called “The Lustrous Soul” on the Kindle store. It is about finding happiness in the simplest of things, to make the best of wherever life has put you at this moment in time.

I am excited about this journey into self-publishing, but I know that success lies in the support of people around me who have similar dreams. I hope those who read my books will enjoy my thoughts and reflections as much as I enjoyed writing them.” 


Email: snowbrrd19@aol.com

Twitter: twitter.com/snowbrrd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaheen.darr