The African sun beating down on my face
Flushed with excitement, my heart thumping with fear
Trips to the national park an adventure, not one to forget
Watching the elephants majestic in their gait
Gentle giants going about their way
Sometimes the golden glimpse of the lions
Hidden amongst the jagged rocks
A sight enough to send shivers down my spine
The beauty of the landscape so deceptive
harshness hidden under every grassy cover
Gazelles with lithe bodies always ready for flight
And buffaloes strong and dark against the afternoon sun
The cynical laughs of the hyenas in their packs 
As if to question the human presence
A memory imprinted upon my mind
The unforgettable power of the African wild


roses blcik leaves


woman & rose

I must write so my words come alive
And reveal the secrets my soul likes to hide
A poem results if the subject touches my heart
An essay, if the subject is tempting enough

I must write on things that affected me in life
People I watched suffer and those that hurt
My voice is but a tiny particle in the universe
My thoughts though, span the vastness of it all

I must write and give my take on things
maybe somewhere someone will sit up and take note
my words might make a difference, change a life
High hopes, but meanwhile, I continue to write

roses blcik leaves



I don’t want to see you crushed and wilted 

Fallen to the ground like an autumnal leaf 

That finally gave up the will to live 

And fell to the ground to die 

I want to see you bloom 

Like the flower that found a way 

To stop being known just as a perennial 

And started to live amongst the evergreens…….


roses blcik leaves


woman nature1

 Mother, daughter, sister, wife,

Different roles, different stages

Each role brings with it A new facet of feminine wisdom

Her wisdom she will pass to her children

The seed of knowledge firmly planted

Her backing she will give to her man

“You can do it my darling, I know you can”

From her all human life springs

She holds the key to the world like you, Mother earth

She creates, she nurtures, she endures……

roses blcik leaves


valentines heart

Sing to me a song

In a voice so mellow

About love and longing

About our past, our today, our tomorrow…… 

Lie with me

Let our bodies breathe as one

Two souls revelling in harmony

Until their journey on this earth is done…… 

Listen with me

The sounds that only silence can create

In the Peace, quietness, stillness

Only the beating heartbeats of two soul mates…..  

Touch me

Show me the gentleness within

That only I can feel

Meant only for me, silken on my skin……


roses blcik leaves



I won’t ask you for much
No need for your money
No yearning for your gifts
that my heart can truly vouch

If there is something I will need
It will be your attention, it will be your love
That’s what will keep me living
That’s the romance I want to be reading

So pack me a gift of your affection
and slowly as I undo each layer
your love for me I will clearly see
As if in a mirror, a reflection

roses blcik leaves


drop of water

The sun’s rays warm the horizon

Forewarn a long day ahead

A bare footed woman begins a trek on terrain, so rough

The journey she makes, is for water

So her family can feed, her child can drink

The woman walks on, as if one mesmerized

Treading the well known, the well worn, dusty path

A burden on her shoulders, not one she can easily forfeit

Each drop of her sweat she barters for each drop of precious water

Her opponent, the vast dusty earth, hard and arid

She looks up, tired eyes searching for respite

Dried out clouds offer her no hope, no shade

The sun’s rays glare back from the bluest sky

The woman treks on, wiping her hot sweaty brow

A prayer escaping from dried, thirsty lips

Hoping she is in time for a well that is full,

If only she knew, no answers to her prayers she will ever get

The world will only get warmer,

Until her last well of hope dries to its last drop………

roses blcik leaves


bird flying

Why have we become so hard, so cynical 

What has made our hearts turn into stone 

A parting curse as if whispered by King Midas

For us unsuspecting mortals

Searching, seeking what we cannot find 

Traversing life’s labyrinths, long and so dense

Sometimes we find what we seek

But not for very long

Before the desire for more starts to rekindle the mind

Travelling along these paths

Changes start to appear 

The softness goes, the human learns to be unkind 

Each to his own, each one vying for the grapevine

No one wants to care, no virtue seems to endear

The world, its people have lost so much

Time to wake and time to change

Time to care and time to nurture 

Time to give back a gentle touch……..

roses blcik leaves



Like the candle burns bright just before it dies

One last flash hoping to regain its dimming light

Leaves, too perform their last dance

To herald a new season with flamboyance 

Winds remind them of colder days to come

Gently coaxing so they willingly succumb

And let go of mothering branches that held them so

That saw them bud, that saw them grow 

Defiance takes the reins, time to take over the show

The gentle, the shy leaf to exist no more

No more to be the same, to be so uniform

Time to bring out the self, to just perform 

Out come the reds, out come the maroons,

Like the butterfly springing from the cocoon

No time to stay in the shade

They even wear gold for this parade 

Everywhere you look, colour abounds

It makes you gasp it makes you turn around

The show is on, watch this one before it goes

This is their last dance in death’s throes 

Fallen they lie in their thousands

At the feet of the silent giants

Their red colour taints the dark earth

Their death prophesises a new birth…

roses blcik leaves


Don’t be silent with me

The coldness cuts through

Like the steel of a knife

Meant to kill, so deadly…… 

I miss the words

That once flowed so warm, so true

Like sweet nectar collected

From flowers of beauty, unheard….. 

Maybe one day, my love will complete

Two roads will lead to one

No words I will need

two bodies, with one heartbeat…..


roses blcik leaves


drop of water

Purity lies in nature still untouched

The rippling mountain spring, crystal clear

Like a mirror revealing all that lies within

Purity lies in children still uninfluenced

In their world, they share and they love

No colour bar, no prejudice can enter in

Purity lies in the air of the countryside

It flows unpolluted amongst the trees

Light and free, no fumes to weigh it down

Purity lies in some human beings

A breed apart, walking amidst the crowds

Like angels, invisible amongst us all……

roses blcik leaves


looking in mirror

Through him, she can only see herself

A mirror, he is, just to satisfy her soul

 Does he love her or doesn’t he?

Answers she constantly seeks to feed her ego

Obsessing about her looks

Obsessing about her clothes

The more he appreciates her

The more appreciation she wants

The more he praises her

The more praises she needs

This self-love is taking her over

Narcissus as if reborn in her…….

roses blcik leaves



What beautiful moments we shared

Each like a pearl, precious and pure

Adored, loved, appreciated

I revelled in love, sans compare… 

Laughter rang, loud and clear

Springing from within our beings

The joy of being together

For only our eyes to see, for only our ears to hear 

We reminisce, we look back

Remember these times so dear

When fate gave you to me

My reward, my payback…….. 

roses blcik leaves


walk on the beach

New beginnings, a spring-like season arrives

Human birth, a seedling in the garden of life

Childlike innocence, eyes crystal clear, untouched

Taking first steps, discovering what life is all about ……

Discovery continues, awareness abounds

Summery days fuelled by the fire of youth

Many distractions leave no time for reflection

The passing of time just goes unnoticed……

All summer days, have to come to an end

When the winds of autumn start to blow

The soul now starts to reflect, on times gone by

Bodies that never tired, now ask for help……

The winter chill never felt this cold before

Bones never felt this weak before

The soul, too tired to remember its past

Now sits in the dark, awaits another new chapter……

roses blcik leaves



Secrets, like prisoners hide

Behind bars, away from prying eyes

No freedom, no release

No chance to fabricate lies

Only grey walls

That loom high and mighty

Keeping them locked in

Unable to remind, unable to recall

Not meant to be heard

Not meant to be seen

Buried in safe bosoms

Under wraps, invisible, unheard……….

roses blcik leaves


autumn walk 2

I have left it all

No point carrying a load

That weighs heavy

And makes my steps stall…

No point remaining still and anchored

Like an abandoned ship

That dreams of riding waves

But befriends rust and mould instead

New horizons beckon

Their shores glisten jewel-like

Call to me in hushed whispers,

I don’t look back, the past, forgotten…..

roses blcik leaves


Sing to me a song

In a voice so mellow

About love and longing

About our past, our today, our tomorrow…… 

Lie with me

Let our bodies breathe as one

Two souls revelling in harmony

Until their journey on this earth is done…… 

Listen with me

The sounds that only silence can create

In the peace, quietness, stillness

Only the beating heartbeats of two soul mates…..  

Touch me

Show me the gentleness within

That only I can feel

Meant only for me, silken on my skin……

roses blcik leaves

A mehfil of poets, a group of dreamers

Share their thoughts, share their wisdom

Why, what if, if only, they ponder

Hours go by, no stopping of the hands of time

They get up, time to say their byes

Their visions, their hopes, like puffs of smoke

Linger for a while and then rise

Disappearing into that realm unknown…..

roses blcik leaves



Lying unrecognised amongst the stones

Busy feet, going about their business

Walked by, never even gave it a glance

I picked the gem and wiped it clean

In my loving hands, it gleamed and shone

I closed my fingers around to keep it safe

This one, meant just for me

Hidden amongst the many stones

Today, I discovered a gem……

roses blcik leaves


No accolade for me

I don’t hunger for glory

Leave that for the vain

Telling never ending stories…..

I just want your time

To share a moment so perfect

When you and I parley

In words that flow with rhyme…..

Strangers from all ends of the globe

Meeting in a place so private

Hidden from one another

Known only by their poetic robes….

roses blcik leaves


Take time to make that choice

You might not get another chance

So think things through

This time get it right

Moments rush by swiftly

Their time done

Their purpose complete

Pick one that seems just right

Do the best you can

Don’t think too long

We don’t have time

Choose what feels just right

One day the curtain will lift

Truths revealed, all doubt erased

Till that time

Carry on doing what you think is right……

roses blcik leaves



For some, the scene appears solitary

To others, it spells peace, serenity

A painting of a thousand words

Or just so ordinary

I see a miracle wherever I look

Some hidden, some for all to see

No human could have done this

Borrow my eyes to change your outlook

Colour abounds around me

Awesome is this perfect palette

Nature drawn at its best

An unseen artist at work for all to see…..

roses blcik leaves


Woman watching horizon

Once so strong, so powerful

Now so frail, so vulnerable

Time teaches one and all

Even the mighty will one day fall

So who am I to judge?

And remain heavy with grudge

I leave it to the Unseen

Sitting beyond that earthly screen

To sift the right from the wrong

So what if it takes long, oh so long?

He will make it worth my while

He will turn all my tears into smiles……..

roses blcik leaves



From children we can learn how to speak the truth
Refreshing is their innocence, still untarnished

They teach us equality by their behaviour
No colour bar, no prejudice in the way they play

Their laughter is infectious, clear and loud
Fun in every little thing they try and do

Curiosity about things, about life in general
why, who, when and what constantly asked

Quick to forget wrongdoings
Grudges and hatred still alien in their worlds

So much we can learn from our children
Before time changes them forever…..

roses blcik leaves



Wonderful memories, captured in time

Each snapshot with its own story to tell

Silent, with no need for spoken words

But so rich, is this unspoken mode

Childhood captured from the moment of birth

Gradual transitions into adulthood

Revealed on the turn of each album page

People long gone still watch and smile

Captured on snapshots they continue to live 

Each moment, a priceless treasure

Places, countries visited on snapshots

Stories continue to tell

Laughter still can be heard

Ghosts continue to live……

roses blcik leaves



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