Get up and take that break!

woman and dog

Before you know it, the day has gone by and you are still sitting on your desk glued to the computer screen. Taking a break is essential when working from home especially because there are no work colleagues around to remind you of it. From a health and safety perspective, the body should have frequent breaks to release tension that builds up from sitting in one position. Here are some tips to prompt you to take that vital break.

You can end up with cramps in your neck and develop back pain if you remain seated in one position. Another health problem is repetitive strain injury (RSI) that affects the arm or wrist due to repetitive typing movements on the keyboard and mouse. Set an alarm or a reminder on your mobile phone or get break reminder software installed on your computer to remind you when it is time to have a break.

Get up frequently to make a drink so that the limbs move and get the blood circulation going.

Do stretching exercises to relieve and prevent muscle fatigue. These will not only keep your muscles supple but also enhance the immune system. Exercising also gives a mental boost by releasing endorphins or happy hormones and you can go back to your work feeling refreshed and energised.

Move away from the desk and listen to some classical or relaxation music to soothe the mind. Having a short nap is another way of giving your body and mind a break. Moreover, the eyes also get a chance to relax away from the computer screen so put on a soothing eye mask and give your eyes that much-needed break.

Walk down to the local shops or take the dog for a walk. Cleaning the work area is another way of clearing the clutter around that can affect the mind and affect the way you work.

Why not get in touch with a friend or family member and catch up with what they have been doing while getting a break.

Whichever way you decide to give yourself a break the main thing is that you are deliberately allocating some moments of your day to your well-being and not letting work take over your life.