Can being creative make you money?


flower candles

Some people are naturally creative and enjoy making things themselves rather than buying them ready made. Many a successful entrepreneur has been born through hobbies or interests that had the potential to become a money-making business venture. 

Being a good cook can open the gateway to the catering business if you start making personalized birthday cakes or introduce new food recipes into the market. Places to introduce your products initially would be local businesses, through word of mouth or by advertising them in local newspapers. 

People with good sewing skills can make bespoke furnishings like curtains or cushions and if you add some interesting variations to the designs already existent in the market, you might just hit the jackpot! People are usually willing to pay to pay that extra bit for pieces that are original and well made.  Making clothes, doing alterations or making children’s clothes can open the door to starting your own dressmaking business. If you are competitive and your customers are satisfied with your work, there is no reason why your home business cannot start to earn you a monthly income.

Another creative area worth exploring is painting and interior design. Specializing in a particular theme or décor can lend uniqueness to the service you offer and set you apart from others doing the same thing in your area. To introduce your products to a wider clientele you can advertise in the local area, by dropping leaflets through the door or by using a blog or website. Starting with family and friends, you can build a portfolio of clients that can only increase through word of mouth

Making candles or natural beauty products is another home business that can become profitable especially these days when sales of organic products are on the increase. Doing a course on how to make natural products or cosmetics safely can increase credibility and be an added bonus. You can sell your products through weekend stalls, via a website or to the local health store.

Most people these days have access to the internet via their computers, IPads or laptops. The internet is a great way of sharing global information via the numerous social networking sites and if an idea grabs interest it can soon turn into a lucrative business opportunity. If you have IT skills you can set up blogs or websites for others or use graphic design templates for printing out leaflets, making business cards or brochures for clients. Handmade cards or jewellery designs that are unusual and unique can become lucrative if you manage to fill a gap in a competitive market. You can also profit from your own creativity by writing poetry or stories on the internet and self-publishing your work.     

Being good at painting or sketching and marketing your work at art exhibitions and other art events can also lead to a regular income. Some people use their gardening skills to sell plants to garden centers while others knit and make cardigans and scarves.

The lists are endless, but it is basically how well you research your unique creative talent and exploit it that will determine how financially viable it can become for you.