Improve the energy around you – Simple Feng Shui Tips

The words Feng and Shui (pronounced Fung-Shway) literally mean wind and water. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese wisdom based on the understanding that there is natural energy or Chi around us that can be used to promote good health and productivity. Some simple Feng Shui principles can be used to improve the energy around you so that you can work to the best of your abilities.
If you work in an area that has a dark colour scheme or has dull lighting it can be oppressive and restrict the flow of the positive energy around you. Keep your rooms bright and pleasant to invite in creativity and enable a harmonious energy flow. There should also be sufficient ventilation around to lift your spirit and create the right mood and atmosphere in the room.

The energy or Chi around should have a smooth uninterrupted flow as it enters your house or office. Keep the path towards this region clear to allow good energy to flow towards it. Unnecessary clutter or obstructive things in its path restrict the smoothness of this natural energy flow and affect your functioning and productivity. If the path from the main entrance is not straight, hang a wind chime at the entrance to create a sound and attract Chi towards it.


Leaving an area unclean and unkempt signifies tiredness, boredom and affects the energy of the whole house or office area. The clearer the thinking the happier and more productive you become so get rid of this ‘stuck in a rut’ situation by decluttering regularly. The flow of clean energy will attract new opportunities and allow more productive channels to open up to you.
Rather than focusing on one area, look at the surrounding areas for sharp objects that are causing the Chi’s flow to be detracted. Have curvy furniture in your office instead and ensure everything is easily accessible so that there is an easy, harmonious motion while working. The atmosphere of your working environment should be calm and peaceful rather than noisy as that causes anxiety to the mind.
A water feature or an aquarium is calming and an important feature when practicing feng shui. Make sure it is not placed behind your work desk but in front of you or by your side. The desk should also face the main entrance of the office for easy flow of energy. If this is not possible place a mirror behind your desk so that you can see the front entrance clearly.

Keep plants like bamboo or a cactus near windows to ward off bad luck. Do not have plants around you which are dying of neglect. This is not conducive to a harmonious and productive environment. Having pictures of nature like mountains, waterfalls and lakes also promote good Chi by making you feel calm and relaxed.

feng shui 2

Use Feng Shui in coordination with yoga, prayer and meditation to channel your energies into positive and productive directions. Related fields like flower therapies, Chinese medicine and acupuncture also help towards leading a more productive, happier and relaxed life.