Windsor Town in Berkshire, U.K. A unique shopping experience

castle grounds

With the majestic Windsor Castle dominating most parts of the town centre, Windsor Town provides a truly unique shopping experience. The town exhibits an interesting blend of modern life co-existing with its historical past, the latter continuing to play its part to this day. The Royal Standard flies over the Round Tower of Windsor when Queen Elizabeth II is in residence and there is always a chance to see the Changing of the Guard with the accompanying band as they march from the High Street into the Castle.

Watching all the shopping activities is the majestic bronze statue of Queen Victoria, built in 1887 by Sir Edgar Boehm for the queen’s Golden Jubilee. Streams of tourists flow in and out of the castle especially during the summer months as all the shopping areas are within walking distance.


Opposite the Castle is Peascod Street, one of the main pedestrianised shopping areas of Windsor. As you walk down Peascod Street you come to another shopping area called King Edwards shopping centre. Here you find numerous shopping outlets and eating places and a multi-storey parking area which is handy as parking can be a nightmare in Windsor.

From King Edwards Shopping centre, you can walk down to the Windsor Royal Station, which is home to many fashionable stores like French Connection, Zara and Jaeger and cafes like Carluccios and Cafe Nero amongst some famous names.

High Street Scenes

From here you can walk to the Windsor and Eton Riverside station from where travel to all parts of Britain and Europe is accessible.

Windsor & Eton Riverside Station

A large number of souvenir, china, and gift shops line the High street to cater for the numerous tourists that visit Windsor throughout the year.

Souvenir shop

There is easy access to banking facilities on the High street and a library is located near the main shopping centre.

For theatregoers, there is the Theatre Royal directly opposite the castle, which gives you a taste of new productions before reaching London’s West End.

theatre royal

You can also watch movies, listen to live music and participate in exhibitions and workshops at the Firestation Centre for Arts and Culture, which is open all day and in the evenings. 

Close to the town centre is The Windsor Leisure centre that overlooks the River Thames. It provides a range of activities for all the family with a swimming pool, beauty centre, and gymnasium.

Overall, shopping in Windsor is a unique experience and when you have finished shopping, you can take a trip inside the Castle grounds to see the state apartments or walk up to the Great Park for some stunning rural views with glimpses of deer amongst the forest trees and woodland.


Alternatively, you can sit beside the River Thames and feed the ducks and the swans or take a boat trip to London to enjoy the scenic views of all the different areas the river winds through.